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Lotus Root Studio offers web & graphic design services in Las Vegas and beyond.


lotus that blossoms just above the waterline. Its roots are deep in the mud, invisible to us, making the gorgeous bloom possible. In the same way, Lotus Root Studio is ready to do the work behind the scenes, allowing your online presence to burst into a success.

Design means functionality, design motivates into action. With over two decades of combined experience and a fresh perspective on web and graphic design, Lotus Root Studio can really make the difference for you and your business.


is the center of your marketing universe. It’s the first stop for most people to learn more about you, your business, or project, and the site needs to:

1) be easy to navigate AND look great
2) have interesting, useful and sharable content
3) give a rich brand experience so people now feel like they know you.

At Lotus Root Studio, we get this. Our design is beautiful and functional, and every step of it is created with your online goals in mind.


from the rest of the internet is the identity of your business or project. It’s crucial that you get your brand right, and rightly presented. We can craft new identities by designing logos, selecting color palettes, choosing typefaces and designing printed materials. We can also adhere to, update or grow your existing identity. Bhakti describes the process:

“I start with listening to your needs and ideas, thoroughly. While creating your website, online store, email campaign, logo or business card, I consult you to make sure it’s the perfect, authentic fit for you.”


Bhakti Kulmala

Bhakti Kulmala

Owner & Designer

Bhakti’s specialties are WordPress based website design, email newsletter campaigns and graphic design. She’s originally from Finland and her inspirations include hiking trips, meditation & vintage fashion – check out her vintage clothing shop BOHOpage.



Software Engineer

Daniel is a Software Engineer with a wide range of experience. He specializes in Flash programming and browser plugins, and is particularly interested in Cross Platform Mobile Device Development (Flash Builder, Adobe AIR, HTML5). He’s also an amazing vegan chef, poker player and a yogi.




Kaisu graduated from Pekka Halonen Academy, Finland, in 2010 and continued her art studies in Aalto University, Helsinki. Her illustrations are unique and powerful. She also specializes in portraits and textile arts. Kaisu lives in the Finnish countryside, grows organic food, takes care of bees, and sings kirtana like nobody’s business.


85% of consumers are looking for local businesses online. Make sure you will be found.

Research predicts that by 2015 over 50% of offline purchases will be influenced by a company’s online presence!

1/2 of Americans have a smartphone – our websites look great on all devices and sizes.

People make their first impression of a website in 0.2 seconds. Do you need to update your site?



It’s essential to have a rocking, professional looking website to gain visibility and credibility for your cause, project or business. If your site looks static or hasn’t been updated in a few years, your audience is likely to get disengaged. Our designer Bhakti stays up to date with the trends of the industry, and culture in general, and is eager to hear your vision and needs.


Email newsletter campaigns, posters, flyers, book covers, logos, website graphics, ads, illustrations, commissioned portraits, and product, portrait & landscape photography… We’re a creative bunch! The chances are, we can create just what it is you’re looking for.


First impressions are precious, and a great business card, brochure, advert or postcard goes a long way to establish it just right. Besides, it’s such a bummer when someone asks you for a business card and you don’t have (an awesome) one to give. Let’s get you well equipped with printed materials that you’ll be excited to share!


While it can, a web store doesn’t have to be an enormous catalog of thousands of products to be successful. Even if you have just one good product, a well made online store can make a living for you or at the very least, pay some bills. After your store is set up, we’ll teach you how to add products, check payments, and all that stuff. You’ll be a bona fide business woman/man in no time!



I’ve worked with multiple web designers over the past 20 years. Bhakti Omwoods is a rare and exceptional talent! She possesses the creativity, ingenuity, professionalism and drive to tackle and conquer the most challenging of assignments. I’m thrilled that she is a member of our creative team. She has created multiple websites for my clients and they always love both their new site and working with Bhakti! She redesigned two of my business sites and the results have far exceeded my expectations. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more intelligent, creative, fun and professional designer.

-Vanessa Emerson, Founder Directory of Dental Speakers

Wow! I just checked out all of your hard work on the website – you are AMAZING! Graphically it’s exactly what I want. I am so blessed to have met you.

-Julie Ebner, juju organics

Too epic for mortal words!

-Jason Sebok, EMBERhandcraft




Las Vegas, Nevada